Concrete Barriers in Elwood, KS

Concrete Barriers

Whether to temporarily cordon off part of a roadway or to add a depth of permanent safety and impasse, highway barriers in Kansas are an essential part of roadways. St. Joe Concrete Products is pleased to manufacture a number of precast concrete road barriers, reinforced to meet MODOT and KDOT specifications and applications.

From traditional highway barriers to jersey barriers, to security barriers, bollards and beyond, we’re ready to provide you with the concrete highway and road products you need to ensure motorist safety at every stage of road.

Our concrete barriers in Elwood, KS can be used to divert traffic, separate roadways, block access roads, bridge dangerous sections of road and supplement guardrails, among other applications. If you’re in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, or Iowa, feel free to consult with us about your intended application for concrete barriers and we’ll happily work with you to determine your scope of need and which of our products may be best applicable for you.

Custom-Designed Concrete Barriers

Highway BarriersNeed custom-designed barriers for your unique roadway application? We’re pleased to work with you regarding your specifications and can produce precast barriers to a wide range of sizes and styles. Our mission is to provide you with the precise products you need, to ensure the final application is seamless.

Concrete Barriers

For more information about the concrete barriers we’re able to provide or to inquire about the different types of barriers and how they can best fit your application, please contact us by calling 913-365-7281. We’re happy to provide quotes and pricing on our highway barriers, retaining walls, and other concrete products for interested individuals.