High-Quality Concrete Products in Kansas

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For the very best in precast concrete products, St. Joe Concrete Products is here to assist you. Our products are designed with numerous industries in mind and constructed to stand up to any application they’re ultimately designed for. We’re pleased to offer the following products:

Potable Water Utility

We can address the need to place metering equipment and back-flow prevention equipment within a load-bearing underground enclosure. Backfill can commence immediately after setting of the structure, therefore mechanical hookup need not be delayed! Our solutions are cost-effective and sustainable.


Similar to telecommunications cabling, there is a growing need for electrical cabling to be laid underground, many times under roadways. St. Joe Concrete Products features an extensive selection of products designed to accommodate the needs of utilities and utility contractors.


The growing trend of placing utilities underground has brought about a great demand for vaults and manholes into which cable can be pulled and spliced. Because the applications are often constructed in roadways St. Joe Concrete Products precast structures are an ideal resource for quick installation and immediate backfilling.


Whether you need to place storm water runoff in an underground conduit or provide a passage for golf carts under a highway, a precast box culvert can provide a cost-effective solution. We offer an extensive range of concrete culverts in Kansas, with the ability to cast on-demand, per your specifications.

Storm Water Drainage

High-quality manholes and inlets are a crucial part of any successful roadway development project. We are proud to have MoDOT and KDOT as satisfied clients. If it’s high quality and efficiency that you desire, look no further!

Wastewater Treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment plant construction can benefit greatly from precast structures. Using our applications can expedite the project, therefore saving considerable cost for both contractors and municipalities.

Specialty Casting

Need something specific, special or unique? We can do it! With comprehensive casting capabilities and a depth of concrete expertise, we’re gladly accepting specialty casting projects.

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For more information about water or utility concrete products or to contact us regarding concrete inlets, concrete barriers, Redi-Rock® retaining walls or any other concrete product in Kansas, please call 913-365-7281 today!