Concrete Retaining Walls in Kansas

retaining wall

Retaining walls play a critical role in preventing erosion, stabilizing earth elevation differences and more, in addition to frequently playing an aesthetic role in their application. St. Joe Concrete Products is pleased to provide retaining wall solutions to customers in a wide range of specifications, allowing you to implement our products to a high degree of effectiveness.

Redi-Rock® Solutions

redi-rockFor highly-reliable, stable, resilient retaining walls in Kansas, the premier solution is Redi-Rock®. This innovative, stackable rock solution leverages prefabricated blocks that can quickly be stacked to form a wall. Walls are reinforced by the mass of each interconnected block and can be built as high, long or wide as needed without encountering the inefficiencies that traditional pavers might be subject to.


Redi-Rock® concrete retaining walls in Kansas come in ledgestone, limestone and cobblestone, allowing you to customize the aesthetic of your retaining wall without compromising its structural durability and resilience.

Retaining Walls For Any Application

garden retaining wallWhether you’re adding a hardscape feature to your residential landscape or you’re ensuring the integrity of a bridge, bank and culvert system, St. Joe Concrete Products is here to provide you with a retaining wall solution that’s befitting to your needs and inclusive of your demands.

garden retaining wall

We rely on architectural-grade, precast concrete that’s backed by proven engineering and application-tested data to ensure you’re always getting a solution you can trust. You’ll find our products at work in commercial, residential, municipal and industrial settings across the Midwest and beyond.

For more information about the retaining wall products we offer or to learn more about Redi-Rock® and its many benefits over traditional poured and paved retaining walls, please get in touch with us today by calling 913-365-7281. We’re ready to consult with you about your needs and can provide pricing based on the specifications of your project.